What’s In Your Tennis Bag?

What’s In Your Tennis Bag?

So the fall season has come to an end, and my team is enjoying a bit of down time over the holidays. What does this mean for me? It’s time to clean up. Time to get my rackets restrung, change the grips, and clean out my tennis bag.

My season actually ended in October because of an injury, and I’m going to blame my abbreviated season for what has transpired. It’s the only way I can begin to justify the state of my tennis bag. I vaguely remember coming back from my last LTS match, taking out my water bottle and dumping my tennis bag before I completely zoned out for the rest of the afternoon (those 4 hour LTS matches are freaking brutal.) That was 2 months ago. I haven’t really played since then, and the thought of going through my bag before now never crossed my mind.

Oh yeah, I know. Bad move.

I’m not going to go through the whole inventory now, but I usually come to the courts prepared for any situation. Mosquitoes? I’ve got repellent. Blister? I have band-aids. Gross toilets? I have Detol wipes and a roll of toilet paper, etc. My tennis bag is full, but if you’re getting a headache on court, I’m your girl. I’ve always got Advil, Excedrin, or both in the bag.

But up until yesterday when I finally cleaned out my bag, if you had wanted a sweaty towel, a used over grip, a half eaten energy gel, a baggy of rancid nuts, or a rock hard petrified mandarin orange, I was also your girl for that.

What the hell was I thinking just dumping my bag??

OK, so obviously I wasn’t thinking.

I don’t understand how I didn’t have a line of ants marching to and from my tennis bag for the past several weeks. And after years of being on my boys’ cases for pulling out squashed peanut butter sandwiches and left over bits of lunch from their backpacks, you’d think I’d know better.

Clearly not.

On the bright side, my bag smells very citrusy, which is far and away better than l’eau de sweaty towel or spoiled nuts.

After my latest discoveries, I’m almost afraid to ask…what’s the worst thing you’ve found in your tennis bag?


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