This Can’t Be Normal

This Can’t Be Normal

I think there’s something wrong with me.

I spend WAY too much time thinking about my tennis team and the strategy aspect of lineups and partnerships and coaching. I even get nervous for them when I’m not playing.

I mean adrenaline pumping nervous. I know, it’s ridiculous.

I have a life outside of tennis, I swear. It might not look like it sometimes, but I do.

However, today, wasn’t one of those days though.

Today, I was with my husband in a factory in China checking new production samples…And what was I doing? Checking my WhatsAp every few minutes to get updates on how our team was doing. We were playing one of the top ranked teams in our division, and we’d stacked our lines to go for the win. Two of my team mates where court side giving those of us not able to be there in person a play by play.

Line 3 is up 4-2, Line 2 is down and Line 1 is neck and neck at 4-4.

Line 3 takes the first set!

Line 2 loses the first one.

There was a point at which we’d split lines and were waiting on the last one to finish. I saw the update saying we were tied at 2-2 and literally, my heart started to race. When WhatsApp beeped at me to say we were at 5-2, I nearly jumped out of my chair. We got the win and I was practically high five-ing myself. Honest to God, I was cheering in the middle of the factory showroom.

This can’t be normal.

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