Tennis Inc.

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  • Courts: 4 hard courts and 2 clay courts
  • Bathrooms: Yes, but a bit far from the courts.
  • Water Fountain: no
  • Viewing Area: You can sit on the grass outside of the courts to view.
  • Social Area: There is a covered area just outside the courts that looks like you can set up refreshments there after a match. Or you can set up under the shade between courts.
  • Overall Condition: New

Parking is free and the bathrooms are shared among the  sports facilities surrounding the parking lot. 

Tennis Inc Court Layout

Our Review

The Tennis Inc. facilities have been recently been updated and refurbished and the courts look absolutely fantastic. As you can see in the photos, the covered area next to the courts is terrific for getting out of the sun on your changeovers, and their are plenty of chairs to keep your bags and such off the ground in case it’s a bit damp. There are more updates and improvements scheduled, so we’re sure these courts are going to be quite popular.

In terms of booking these courts, you can do that by calling or texting Shane. His number can be found here; just scroll down to the section on Private Court Booking. My understanding is that if you are booking for a league match, you will only be able to book two courts and not three. Not ideal for dealing with the heat, but the courts are really nice…so it’s a trade off.

These courts do share the bathrooms with Tanglin Academy and the cross fit place across the parking lot. Like we’ve mentioned on Tanglin Academy’s page, the bathrooms are tolerable. Not great. They have improved a lot over the last several years, but we still don’t love them. We also recommend taking your own tissue with you just in case. And maybe some Detol.