Yio Chu Kang Tennis Centre

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  • Courts: 9 Hard Courts
  • Bathrooms: Yes
  • Water Fountain:
  • Social/Viewing Area: There is a table or two in the shade at the main building where you can have after match snacks.
  • Parking: Yes. There is a large lot near the courts and parking is paid by EPS

Our Review

Not the most convenient courts to get to if you’re coming from the Orchard or CBD area, but the facility is quite nice. I do want to point out that it is right next to the Yio Chu Kang MRT station and a bus stop, so it would be incredibly easy to take public transport to get there. If you drive, parking isn’t an issue most days, although we’ve gotten caught where a huge event was happening at another venue in the same area and parking was scarce. Having said that, it’s happened to me once in 8 seasons.

Courts: There are nine courts on site with courts 1-4 being grouped and 5-8 grouped, and court 9 on it’s own.  We’ve never had an issue with the court condition, they’ve been kept up quite well. The only issue I feel important to point out, is that if you book courts 5-8, and even court 9, you will be backing up on the MRT and bus stop. There is always something happening  in that area, especially in the morning, and there can be large groups of people commuting past the courts. If you are easily distracted by what’s going on around you, you should try and book court 1-4 instead.

Bathrooms: located at the main building, they are clean and well maintained.

Water Fountain: They are located next to the bathrooms. There are also a couple of vending machines as well.

Social/Viewing Area: You can kind of see courts 1-4 through the mesh on the fence if you area sitting at the main building. If you are trying to watch courts 5-8/9 there is a small patch of grass on the side on the courts (you hop over a short fence). You can lay down a towel and sit. It’s not particularly comfortable, but if you’re eager to watch, it’s doable. As for socializing afterwards, the main building has a few tables and some chairs you can use. There is also a wide staircase that we’ve often sprawled out on while snacking and chatting.