Tanglin Academy

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  • Courts: 9 hard courts, plus mini courts.
  • Bathrooms: Yes, across the parking lot
  • Water Fountain: No, but there is a vending machine
  • Viewing Area: Yes. There is an area with seating, but you can only view a few of the courts from it.
  • Overall Condition: Decent
  • Parking: Yes, there is a free parking lot.

Our Review

Tanglin Academy is located behind the old Grand Stands on Turf Club Rd. Free parking is available for those who decide to drive. If you are arriving by taxi, please allow for extra time. Our experience is that many drivers do not know where the courts are located and it takes longer than expected to get there.

The courts are fully exposed, so having adequate water and sunscreen is very important. While there isn’t a water fountain on the premises, there is a vending machine near the restrooms and you can buy water or an isotonic drink in the management office (if it’s open.)

The other facilities have improved over the past several seasons. The restrooms used to be absolutely horrible, but they have actually been updated slowly and cleaned up.  Even with the improvements, we would still recommend taking your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer – just in case. 

If you’re hosting a match here, you can use the viewing area, or hang out on court to layout your refreshments.