St. Wilfred Tennis Centre

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  • Courts: 4 Hard Courts
  • Bathrooms: Yes with showers
  • Water Fountain: Yes
  • Social/Viewing Area: Yes. There are a few benches near the courts for anyone who’d like to watch on going matches. There is also a covered area at the main building with picnic tables where you can spread out your after match snacks, sit and relax.
  • Parking: Yes paid for by EPS.  In the HDB parking lot, make sure you park in a visitor spot.

Our Review

St. Wilfred Tennis Center is a great facility to book a match. If you’re driving, there is plenty of parking and if you’re cabbing it, I’ve never head of anyone getting lost. The lot in the front of the facility was recently upgraded to  EPS, so you no longer need coupons. If you go into the adjacent HDB parking lot, you also pay by EPS. The visitor lots are in the very back, but even from the back of the lot, it’s not a far walk to the courts.

There is a bench on the side of the courts where you can watch, or you can bring pop up chairs and sit under the trees. You can also see courts 1 & 2 from the end of the picnic tables under cover. Courts 3 & 4 are a little more difficult to watch, but not impossible.

Courts: the condition of the courts is pretty good. We’ve never had any issues with the surface. There are poles for the overhead lights that are in the space between the courts. They are a bit of hindrance to both teams, but it’s not really an issue for most matches. I will say, that if your favorite shot is a short angle cross court with topspin, you are going to love these courts. If your angle is on point, you can hit the ball straight at the pole and you’re opponent won’t be able to get it without running into it…and nobody wants to do that. Easy point, if you can pull it off.

Bathrooms: They quite close to the courts, and as public bathrooms go, these are quite nice. Every time I’ve been here they are clean and stocked with toilet paper. Several of the stalls have western toilets, and there is also a shower if you need one.

Water Fountains: They are located next to the bathrooms. There are also 3 vending machines on site.

Social/Viewing Area: this facility has a terrific shaded picnic area that you can go to after your match. There are three picnic tables where you can spread out your snacks for the after match socializing, sit down for a bit and relax. You might have to share this space with the guys that play football on the field next to the courts, but we’ve never had an issue. Everyone has been extremely gracious.