Pasir Ris Tennis Centre

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Courts: 2 Hard Courts
Bathrooms: Yes, on the pool side of the building
Water Fountain: Yes
Viewing Area: Not really.
Social Area: On court
Parking: EPS


Our Review

These courts are located a block or two from the Pasir Ris MRT station at the Pasir Ris Sports Centre. You can either take public transport or drive. If you drive, park in the basement car park and take the lift to the rooftop level 2. When you exit the elevator, the courts will be on your left just past the soccer court. Sneak across the back of the soccer court to the gate to get onto the courts.

The courts are in OK condition. As of December 2017 they definitely need to be cleaned and will need to be resurfaced soon. As you can see in the photo gallery they have a decent amount of mold/dirt covering the back courts and there are chunks coming out of the court surface. This wouldn’t be our first choice for booking league matches, but they are suitable for play (not like Jurong West). Our only concern is when it rains. That black stuff on the back court gets incredibly slippery if the courts are even a tiny bit wet. If it’s sprinkling or not quite dry, it’s not worth risking playing on them until they get properly cleaned.

Like St. Wilfred, there are light posts in between the two courts, so if you know how to use the angle, you can make some easy points on your cross court shots. Nobody is going to want to run into the poles.

Bathrooms are located on the pool side of the courts (not the elevator side) and they are in very good shape. The day we were there, they were clean and stocked with toilet paper. Water fountains and vending machines can also be found near the restrooms and well as near the elevator.

There isn’t really a great place to watch a match here. You might be able to see a bit from the pool side, but not well. If you need to set up snacks after a league match, we’d suggest doing it either on the court or on the pool side. The pool side is shaded and the view of the pool is quite nice. There aren’t any chairs or benches, but you’ll likely want to stay out of the sun at that point anyway.