Heartbeat@Bedok Tennis Center

[Total: 4    Average: 3.8/5]

What’s your opinion of these courts?

  • Courts: 6 hard courts, split 1-3 and 4-6.
  • Bathrooms: Yes, on the same level
  • Water Fountain: 2 and a vending machine
  • Viewing Area: Small area where you can stand and watch. (there are no benches or chairs)
  • Social Area: Not really, unless you set up on court
  • Overall Condition: New

If drive there, park in the lot near Lift Lobby B. The tennis courts are locating on the 7th floor.


Our Review

Heartbeat@Bedok is a brand new facility, and I would be remiss if I didn’t first say that the whole complex is just amazing. It really does go above and beyond as a community center. And the courts are quite nice too. 😉

I must warn you that the building itself is not well marked. There is no large sign screaming Heartbeat@Bedok at the entrance where you need to turn in for parking. The morning my team played here, we had two people miss the turn in on multiple occasions. If you’re driving, keep you eyes peeled.

The courts are sheltered/covered hard courts, and I say sheltered because they are in fact open at the sides. If we were having one of those storms where the rain was coming down sideways, parts of the courts would definitely get wet. However for the average rain, I would imagine they would all stay dry. It was drizzly the day we were playing, and there was a breeze coming through, which was fantastic. I’ll go back on a sunny day to get a low down on how they are under different conditions.

Court condition: They’re new…so still great!
Bathrooms: There is a ladies room with 2 stalls. The day we were there, one of them was closed for repair, and the other one sprayed water when you flushed. Hopefully they’ll have this fixed soon. In case it matters to you, the working toilet was a western style commode.
Water Fountains: 2 located right next to the restrooms. There was also a vending machine that had isotonic drinks and such.

Viewing area: There is an area where a spectator could stand and watch, but there are no benches outside of the courts. If you’re hosting a match, there is not a particularly good area to layout the required after match snacks.