Farrer Park Tennis Centre

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  • Courts: 8 Hard Courts
  • Bathrooms: Yes – decent shape
  • Water Fountain: No, but there is a vending machine
  • Social/Viewing Area: Yes. there is a covered area at the main building. You can watch from there and set up your after match snacks on the steps.
  • Parking: Yes, uses the EPS and there a lot of spaces, so you should have not issue parking.
Farrer Park Court Layout

Our Review

The Farrer Park courts have recently been refurbished and while they were good before, now they’re really nice. They are all resurfaced and short nets have been added to the back end of the courts to help keep balls from crossing over as much. They won’t stop anything rolling from the net area, but a deep cross court shot won’t have to be retrieved from several courts over anymore. Most of the courts are in full sun for most of the morning and early afternoon, so be prepared with your sunscreen and liquids.

Another new feature to the courts since the renovation is the new squeegees they have for drying the courts. These are far more effective to the rollers that are at many of the other public courts. 

There is community building on site where the bathrooms are located. The ladies room is usable, but sometimes has an unpleasant odor in it. It’s not the worst public toiled we’ve been in, but it’s also not the best. You’ll find one western toilet, one squatty potty, and a shower. The day we were there, toilet paper was in stock, but there have been other times when it wasn’t. We suggest having a roll in your or your team’s bag just in case.

There is a water fountain located on the end of the building near the vending machines, which contain isotonic drinks, water, iced tea, and some juice drinks.

Also added/or updated in the latest renovation is an awning that covers the stairs at the main building. It’s a nice place to sit and watch matches as it protects you from the sun. In case your team is hosting a match here, it’s the perfect spot to set up those after match snacks. You can lay out the food and drinks and everyone can relax on the stairs out of the elements.