Choa Chu Kang Tennis Centre

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Courts: 4 Hard Courts – split 2 on roof and 2 next to the track
Bathrooms: Yes (both locations)
Water Fountain: Yes (both locations)
Viewing Area: Not really.
Social Area: On court or in the tailgating in the parking lot
Parking: EPS

Choa Chu Kang Tennis Centre Court Layout

Our Review

Choa Chu Kang Tennis Centre is a bit of a drive from the center of town, but it’s located just off the KJE and is relative easy to get to. If you are playing a weekday morning match, don’t forget to plan for the morning commute. Traffic on the PIE towards the BKE can be heavy at times.

Once there, the courts are split with courts 1 and 2 being located at the end of the track, adjacent to the highway, and courts 3 and 4 located on the roof of the sports centre. You can access the rooftop courts by a stairway that comes down in the car park area (staircase #6-see photos). You can also access them through the main building if you like, but it’s not necessary.

When you’re playing here, it can be hard to hear any of the talk or calling of the score on the courts by the highway. There is quite a bit of noise from the morning traffic. The rooftop courts are better in terms of the noise, but there is no shade at all up there, so make sure to bring adequate water and lots of sun screen.

Bathrooms are located in the main building (for the rooftop courts) and at the far end of the stadium (for the courts by the track.) Water fountains are there as well. This is a bit of a hike from the courts, so keep that in mind. There are also several vending machines available and I did see a PizzaHut/Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant upstairs in the main building. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the opening hours.

If you go to watch a match there, be mindful that there isn’t really a great place to view the courts in either location. You can sit on the end of the track, but the netting that protects the court from wind also makes it difficult to see through. You may also be in the way of the people actually running. For the rooftop courts, you can bring a pop up chair and sit at the landing at the top of the steps, but it’s going to be in full sun and very hot. In terms of locations to socialize after, you can spread out your snack on the courts if nobody is booked after you, but we’ve found it easier to tailgate in the parking lot. In fact, one time we actually pulled out our pop-up chairs and sat around the cooler to chat with our opponents.

The condition of the courts is fine. It’s starting to crack, but there weren’t any huge ‘chunks’ missing that I could see. Some of the other public courts have much nicer/newer surfaces, but these are playable, so don’t worry. It would be nice if these were to get resurfaced in the near future.