Burghley Tennis Centre

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Courts: 4 Hard Courts
Bathrooms: Yes – quite old
Water Fountain: Yes
Viewing Area: Yes, there are chairs and benches on the lower level and an upper viewing area.
Social Area: Yes
Parking: EPS

Burghley Tennis Centre Court Layout

Our Review

The Burghley courts are tucked away in the back of a residential area off of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, and if you didn’t live in this particular area, would never find them unwittingly. It’s not a large facility, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

The courts back up to houses, so if having people around the outside of the courts distracts you, perhaps this isn’t the place for you to play. There is a little restaurant that is open in the mornings that makes breakfast and bread on site, so the smells as you arrive to the centre can be amazing.

The facilities are little tired looking, but everything is in decent shape. This whole complex could use a little love, but the bathrooms are clean and have toilet paper, and the courts are totally playable. I’ve played at these courts several times and have never had an issue.